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But they do have the shortcoming:. So here I think I need to add such a tool for you. I often buy book contents from iTunes, maybe the same to you. Please note that before run this tool you should make sure that a Java environment has been already provided on your computer. Any drm removal softwares should only be used for your own purchased books. In other words, it can be and only be used for personally.

And if you have found any other good drm removers for mac, let me know please. Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter. Subscribe Submit. Internet Email. All other AZW3 formats have been converted so i am quite pleased with that. When I originally installed V6. Still no luck. Perhaps Amazon has recently tweaked something in the AZW3 format that is messing with the functionality of the plugin s? Problems persist. Installed 9. Windows 7. Using USB and opening Doc files to transfer.

DRM protection message persists. No luck. Pop-up says characters in device but KT has Any advice for a non-techie? Would not work on azw3 files. Reload calibre and plugin. Delete files from directory.

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  4. PDF & EPUB DRM Removal Mac.

I would like to test this for myself to find the issue. Preferably a free or very cheap ebook. Worked fine for me, though. No issues whatsoever. I have a Sony reader and there was this one book I really wanted but it was only on Amazon, so I followed this recipe step by step after purchasing the kidle-version. I have the latest version of Calibre Version: I got the message that the plug-in was installed successfully and restarted Calibre and imported the book-file from Kindle for PC, but it still tells me that the book is DRM, both when I try to open the book and when I try to convert it to epub.

I have tried it over and over again, removing, installing, restarting and what not.

PDF & EPUB DRM Removal Mac

I have looked all over the internet, trying to find solutions and I have tried everything I can think of. Seems like this is a common problem for some but works fine for some. I am really trying to remove drm from my kindle books to put them on kobo I eventually found the correct files and tried again with calibre I keep getting the message No key found Any help appreciated. I have been at this for hours.

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  • Here were my steps: Now it works! Serial number worked!!! Thanks so much! Thanks again. I downloaded the books from Amazon kindle to my nexus 10 and read them with the kindle app on the nexus. Only solution I can think of is to first see if the comics are even downloadable to an e-ink Kindle, buy a cheap used one and re-download the purchases — this time selecting the e-ink Kindle each time instead of my FireHD. Some people return them as soon as they find out they are topaz. The latest v6. Check the readme for all the directions and info. Anyone have more suggestions? All you have to do is install the plugin and then import the books.

    I swear I did this last week, but w a clean install of the latest Calibre 1.

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    Thanks for the reply, Nathan. It was in an earlier version of the plugin that you had to put in the serial numbers of the kindle devices used. To Nathan. Can I send you one book to try — very interesting to see if you will success. This is perfect, thanks a lot. When I installed it and downloaded the ebook again with it, it worked perfectly. Great solution! I have a Nook. Unhandled exception: True is64bit: False Windows Unfortunately, each time I add a book from my Kindle, I get the following error message: Just installed today, and I had to key in the serial number of my brand new Kindle PW before it worked.

    No key found in 0 keys tried. I have been using Caliber portable for some time. I was able to DeDRM my books without any problems. I recently changed libraries and loaded Caliber updates and now it will not remove the DRM. I get the following messages:. Probably the best thing to do would be to uninstall everything and start over from scratch.

    Pdf Epub Drm Removal Serial Number Mac

    Once I figured that out I imported all my kindle books perfectly. Apprentice Alf just released an updated set of tools the other day that fixes the multi-import bug. Having problems with stripping the drm out of one book. Can you help me? Please post your question and code on the Apprentice Alf blog. Amazon Kindle , eBooks , How To.

    Mac Adobe PDF ePub DRM Removal

    Jason Li January 25, at 6: Nathan January 26, at 6: Ingo Lembcke, Hamburg January 26, at 8: George January 11, at 9: The Comment solutions then become drenched in techie talk I have no experience with. How much I wish someone would lay out the procedure for MAC by actually following the words they use thru the software to make sure their instructions are clear and executeable Thanks, George. Karen January 26, at 9: Kimberly January 26, at 1: Thanks for the replies: Here is the contents of the zip file: JoeyKindleLover January 28, at Nathan January 29, at 9: JoeyKindleLover January 29, at 5: Clauderouges How do you download them direction from their site?

    Nathan July 28, at 9: David Jones February 15, at 3: Dmitriy April 15, at 5: Aliquot May 27, at 7: Nicole April 18, at 2: Beth April 22, at 6: Never mind, I finally figured it out. Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. View ePub ebooks on a variety of devices without limitations. Follow This App Developer website: Download Now. See discussion. It is very easy to user, just 1-click to decrypt epub ebook. Version 1. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet.