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Select the extension in the left hand column that you wish to disable then click the Uninstall button in the main window. To disable extensions in Chrome: To disable extensions in Firefox: With the introduction of full screen apps and Mission Control in Lion, its easier than ever for your mac to get bogged down with unused spaces, windows and apps.

Stay organised and streamlined by closing unused applications, windows and spaces.

Speed Up Safari With These Tuneup Tips

Login items can be handy but they do effect boot up times and often costume resources while unused. This can become even more of a problem if you have Auto resume enabled. To turn off Login items. Spotlight automatically indexes the contents of your Mac in the early hours each morning. But if you turn your Mac off at night Spotlight may not have had a chance to reindex.

Spotlight will reindex the volume.

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The role of Ram in system performance really cannot be overstated. If your Mac is upgradable and you can afford it increasing your Ram is the single biggest thing you can do to speed up Lion. A full hard disk and insufficient Ram is the recipe for an extremely lethargic Mac. But before you start ruthlessly culling your music library of Barry Manilow and ABBA albums you could try a few of the space saving tips below. Anyone familiar with using one of the latest generation of Macbook Airs will attest to the massive speed benefits of SSDs.

Despite the constraints of the Airs limited Ram and Processor it still achieves blistering start up times of under 15 seconds. SSDs improve system performance radically because data can be retrieved much faster than from traditional hard disks SSDs are available as an extra on most new Macs but if you are willing to get you hands dirty and void your warranty you may be able to upgrade you old Mac.

Preference files can become corrupt and can cause programs to crash or run slowly. Deleting these files will cause them to be recreated once the application they are associated with is relaunched.

Disable window animations and Mail animations

To remove or disable unused System Preference Panes which can also be detrimental to system performance see: OS X has always had more than its fair share of animations and lighting effects. Disable window animations in the terminal by typing: Disable Mail reply animations in the terminal by typing: I use a Mac, so the examples I use are based on that. If you use Safari on iOS, most of the same techniques will apply but the menu options might be slightly different. The most important way to keep Safari in tip top condition is to keep it updated.

Apple is constantly tweaking Safari and often rolls out updates, and many of those updates incorporate speed improvements in the code.

Speed Up Safari With These Tuneup Tips

As well, operating system updates can make a performance difference, so make sure to keep both Mac OS X and Safari updated at all times. Every time you browse to a new web page, and every time a page you visit frequently changes its content, Safari downloads more information into the cache. As files are added to the cache, the more information Safari has to sift through every time you look at a page, and the slower things get. Cleaning out your cache is easy. Perform this on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how much you use Safari, or how quickly it slows down.

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Browser extensions are an excellent accessory to any surfing experience but they can quickly get out of hand. I test browser extensions as part of my day job so I can have up to 40 installed at any one time. You could try disconnecting one network source and seeing if that makes a difference or not. Switch to only the other one and test too. If you want to keep both connected, read on.

As you can see above, my WiFi connection was getting higher priority than the Ethernet connection. You can change this by clicking on the little settings icon gear at the bottom of the list box. Click on Set Service Order and another popup will appear where you can reorder the connections by dragging and dropping.

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  8. I moved Ethernet to the top and then clicked OK. After that, make sure you click Apply to on the System Preferences dialog. Go to Finder , click on Go and then Go to Folder. Type in the following path:. Sometimes it may not be Safari causing the issue, but your DNS settings. However, using a public DNS might result in faster browsing.

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    Check out my article on the best public DNS servers you can use for free. Using Google has sped up my browsing not only in Safari, but also other browsers. Sometimes the problem is with the user account you are currently using. You can try to fix the problem by using Disk Utility.

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    You can go to Spotlight and type in Disk Utility to open the dialog quickly. Click on your hard drive in the left hand pane and then click on the First Aid tab. Unfortunately, OS X suffers from some of the same issues, especially if you have always kept upgrading to the latest version of OS X without doing a clean install.

    I upgraded from Mountain Lion to Mavericks to Yosemite to El Capitan before doing a fresh install of El Capitan, which made things significantly faster.