Double space on mac word

This was largely due to the limitations of now-antiquated technology and was the standard style taught by most schools until around 20 years ago.

Modify line spacing for all or part of an existing document

But a lot of people still adhere to the practice. The APA guidelines currently suggest two spaces, but even they have gone back and forth over the years. If you want to search only a specific part of a document, go ahead and select that text before you start. Note that Word will search for all instances of two spaces—not just spaces between sentences.

This means, for example, that if Word finds a place where someone has used five spaces instead of a tab to align text, it will replace some of those double spaces.

Double space when pressing enter

That part is up to you. If you searched only a selection of your document, Word will also offer to search the rest of the document for you. Either way, all the instances of the double spaces in your document or selection should now be corrected to a single space.

Double space part of a document

Comments 0. Your browser has javascript disabled. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. How do I remove double spacing in my Word document? Toggle menu visibility Search our Knowledgebase Search Browse:.

Double-space the lines in a document - Word

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How To Double Space Lines In Microsoft Word (EASY Tutorial)

Toggle menu visibility. Search our Knowledgebase. Answered By: Arnetta Henderson. Last Updated: Here's how to single space in Word: Highlight the text you want to single space.

Right click Select Paragraph Under Line spacing , use the pull down menu to choose single. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful?

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Comments 6. It also is necessary, if you have already got text on the page to first select all the text and then do what Arnetta says to do.

How to Capitalize Words and Add Periods Automatically in Mac OS

You are correct. Her first instruction is to highlight the text that needs to be changed. I edited the format of the answer to make that clearer. Thank you.

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