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Just make sure you're connected to wifi! You'll be able to download up to three shows simultaneously. If you wish to download more, these will queue until they are complete. You can have as many downloads as your device can store. If you run out of storage, a error message will pop up, which means you'll have to free up some space on your device in order to continue downloading. You will see everything you've downloaded in the Downloads section of the app until you delete them yourself. However, everything you download is only available to watch for up to 7 days.

After those 7 days you will need to download the video again to watch it.

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If you download a show part way through your free trial, and then cancel your trial, your download will only be available until the 7 day trial period has finished. At present, you cannot download a video which has less than 7 days remaining until its expiry date. You will not be able to watch your download if it has gone beyond the Hub expiry date. The ITV Hub has the rights to show programmes for a specific time period, This is usually 30 days, but can be less or more depending on the content.

Please check the number of days an episode has left on the Hub, which can be found on the episode's page underneath the video.

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We're working to improve this feature in future releases of the app to ensure it is as functional as possible. Keep an eye out for app updates! You can access your downloads by going to the "My ITV" section of the app, or by tapping the settings menu in the top right of your screen - there you will see a downloads section in which all of the programmes you've downloaded so far will be stored. A wide range of our top telly is available for you to download, but unfortunately we are not able to make every show available to download.

Skip to main navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. What is the Hub expiry date? There are also TV tuners available for iOS devices. Finally, you can buy or rent TV programmes and movies from the iTunes Store. We'll look at all these options in detail over the next few pages, so get you watching whatever you want, wherever you want to!

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There isn't yet a single source of on-demand content, but accessing the services out there couldn't be easier. Channel 5 has an on-demand service, but doesn't let you watch live TV output.

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All four terrestrial networks allow you to watch shows you may have missed when they were originally transmitted, but each handles them in a different way. BBC iPlayer's catch-up service only allows you to watch recent programmes. Channel 4 and 5 offer older content, in Channel 4's case, some of it several years old.

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And ITV Player, while mainly a catch-up service also offers on-demand programmes which it calls rentals. Many of these are free, but often at least one episode in a series will require you to pay for it. Both the Mac and iOS apps allow you to download selected programmes and these are available to watch for a month before they expire. On the BBC channel, for example, you can watch every episode in the current series of The Apprentice.

There's no Mac app, and you can't download programmes. Much of it is free to watch, albeit supported by adverts.