Excel for mac 2011 basics

PivotTables in Excel. Excel Charts and Tables. Other spreadsheet programs include Calc OpenOffice.

The most important information to know about spreadsheets is that they have limits and a spreadsheet is not the right tool for every for every project. Spreadsheets are great for doing calculations for small data sets, tracking small data sets over the short term, and visually presenting data. Databases are better at tracking large data sets with complex relationships and are meant to be used over long periods.

They can also perform calculations on large data sets. Still have questions?

Excel for Mac Training and Tutorials

Contact us at the University Technology Service Center. Technology Help and Information. Space shortcuts How-to articles. Child pages. Microsoft Office. I love it! It was the best decision I've made. Learn More. Yahayra Yaya Colon.

I thought about training as a Marine, but I knew my real passion was to work for the FBI in forensic science. My dream job is to be a federal agent.

What will you do?

Patrick Robertson. My dream job is to be a statistician for pro sports. I love math and I love sports, so if I could couple those two things into a job that I get to do for the rest of my life?

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For someone like me — I come from a family who didn't go to college so I'm first-generation — having those people talk about their experiences and all that networking that is available to me is beyond anything I could ever imagine, honestly.

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Lisa Hornick. I actually visited four times to decide.

How to Make an Excel Chart in Office for Mac - dummies

I received a scholarship, as well, so getting a great education at an affordable price was important to me. Ultimately, I fell in love with my academic departments. Fernando Pena. A moment that stands out was Pass Through the Pillars. Getting to see everyone cheering for you was so welcoming.

A lot of the people I met there I ended up becoming good friends with. Leslie Reitz. I actually got to do independent research with professor Jackie Bruscella, and she's one of my greatest mentors here.