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Anytime, anywhere. Forms and schedules made easy. We have all the federal and provincial forms you need to get your taxes done.

TaxTron Individual License for Macintosh

Multi-factor authentication Securely access your account by entering your password and a unique code, or answer a series of questions. Protecting your data Our safeguards defend against potential threats associated with making transactions over the Internet. SimpleTax runs thousands of calculations to maximize your refund.

Find the optimal split for donations, medical expenses, pension income, and more. I even donated a little bit because I'm a sucker for stuff like this. Do your taxes with simpletax you'll understand! Exceptional website, incredible customer service!

Serving Canadians since 2004!

If you pay a penalty or interest because of our error, we'll reimburse you. We'll find you your maximum refund. If someone else finds you a larger refund, we'll give back the money you paid us. Now that's unparalleled.

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No income limits, no restrictions, no catch. We believe that by building a product you love, you'll choose to support us.

TaxTron Individual License for Macintosh

File your return online with SimpleTax and get your full refund in as few as eight days with direct deposit. Your data is encrypted both in transit and on our servers.

SimpleTax: Free Canadian Tax Return Software

Only you are able to unlock your data using your password. We go through thousands of tests every year to ensure accuracy. SimpleTax works in your web browser so you can do your taxes at home, work, or your favourite coffee shop.

We're a small team who cares about the work we do. We're dedicated to building the best tax software in Canada.

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Friendly, fast, fun. See why people are switching to SimpleTax. Start your tax return.