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It's not possible to move the drives to another product without re-formatting the drives. The exception to this rule is when both products are based on the same RAID controller and the same firmware version. However, even then, it's important to make sure that the settings are identical and it's best to create a backup of all the data in a different location first, before moving the drives.

For software RAID, the data can be accessed on other computers that are running the same operating system e. Windows and Mac OS. For network drives like the MyCloud series, the disks should be installed inside a product that is based on the same firmware and the drives will have to be mounted manually.

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Whenever you change something on an existing RAID, be that installing larger drives or adding additional drives, it's necessary to create a new RAID system. Depending on the RAID controller and the amount of drives, you can select between different RAID modes to setup the disks according to your own requirements.

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The exact definition of these terms depends on each model but following is a general description. Not all versions of Windows support this function. Following instructions show how to create a RAID set with 2 disks. Scroll further down to see how to create a RAID 10 with 4 disks. If you use Mac OS X RAID 10 is useful for a storage enclosure with four drives, providing redundancy in case of a single disk failure yet still delivering fast transfer rates. The only option is to use the Terminal and the diskutil command or purchase and install a 3rd party software like SoftRAID.

RAID sets that were created on other systems can still be accessed. To learn more about the diskutil command, open the Terminal and enter man diskutil to call up the manual. To prevent selecting the wrong disks and make it easier to identify the drives, we recommend to temporarily disconnect all other external drives and only connect the one which you would like to use for the RAID set.

With macOS As an alternative, you could also use paid software like SoftRAID, which uses a graphical user interface, provides faster transfer rates, comes with more features and includes technical support. When creating a RAID 5 system as described in this article, hot plug is not supported!

The Pros, Cons of Software vs. Hardware RAID | HomeToys

When disconnecting the drive, it is important to first unmount and then export the RAID system by using the commands seen in step Otherwise, the system might crash and corrupt your data. If you simply turn off the computer, this step is not required. When you reconnect the device or restart your system, the drive will automatically mount again.

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Why You Should NOT Use RAID 5 Storage ( But Use RAID 6! )

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Protecting existing data during setup If you have some existing data on the drives that you intend to use in a new RAID, make sure to backup the data in a different location first.

Hardware vs Software RAID: The Advantages, Disadvantages, and How to Choose.

Backup all the data from the old drives in a different location. Thread Modes. Rickycv Junior Member. Lots of trouble getting it set up into a Raid 1-confusing info. Downloaded softraid lite. But it only shows one disk in Softraid. If I set it up as 2 Independent drives on the drive enclosure, then Softraid shows my Raid 1 with 2 disks. I feel that seeing both the disks will keep me better informed if problems develop ie using Softraid. If I go with the hardware setup, I will be waiting and watching for a red light to appear on the enclosure.

It seems Softraid is more user friendly than the hardware raid 1 system. Am I missing something?

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Would just going with Softraid keep me better informed as to what's happening with the two disks? SoftRAID is superior in several ways.

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If the box is set as independent disks, then SoftRAID can also monitor both disks and also alert you when disks are showing signs of failure. SoftRAID also gives you more flexibility. You do not need to use identical disks, can add a third disk to the mirror for offsite backup, etc. That's what I'm thinking SoftRAID lite shows that it is a raid volume but only shows one drive I assume that it would no longer be a 2 volume raid..

Software RAID

It is set up as a hardware RAID. I would leave it alone. Thank you