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Unless it breaks any forum rules, there is nothing wrong here. National insignia decals e.

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After selecting a decal the cursor changes to a paintbrush, and you can position the decal on the aircraft. Update 1. There are a few places to get skins, the main one being live. Particularly good designs can be selected for inclusion as an official camouflage option with a share of the revenue going to the creator.

Most nose art looks odd backwards. Nevermind, I figured it out, my brain must have been operating on a Gaijin server.

A Beginner’s Guide to War Thunder – Camouflage and Decals

Had to close and reopen the app. Additionally, aircraft can only be played in "Full Real controls" there is no "instructor" to prevent the aircraft stalling and the mouse can only be used to simulate a joystick. Players retain the ability to utilize their aircraft's flaps, trim, and engine s in Simulator mode.

Player tags aren't given for enemy units and players, while tags for friendly units and players are only provided if they are within 0. Thus, players must pay particular attention when dealing with aircraft and tanks that are available to multiple nations, and vehicles that use roundels as decoration for countries other than their own through personal customization of the vehicles.

Custom battles, available for air, ground, and naval vehicles alike, is a mode allowing for the creation of battles by individual players. The creator of the custom battle can select the map, game mode, and other settings; they can also set a password to restrict who can play. PvE "Assault" was introduced in patch 1.

War Thunder - Wikipedia

This is an "Arcade" tank or a plane game mode where players defend a base against waves of AI attackers. Events in War Thunder provide custom missions, usually based on one of the three main game modes, but with alternative settings regarding allowed vehicles, mission specifics, etc.

Examples are the recreation of historical battles by restricting available vehicles e.

Battle of Stalingrad. Traditionally, the game developers prepare unconventional events for April Fools' Day. The event named "Silent Thunder" was based underwater, with submarines.

War thunder OS X How to find the user skins folder on a Mac

For , War Thunder made playable rank IX main battle tanks and attack helicopters. For , ahead of the announcement of the naval forces update, War Thunder offered playable sailing ships of the 18th century fighting in the Caribbean. The development of the game as World of Planes began in Gaijin Entertainment used its experience with its previous flight games such as IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey , Apache: Air Assault , and Birds of Steel in its development.

In Closed Beta, the name was changed to War Thunder due to confusion with the similar competitor World of Warplanes , as well as other reasons such as Gaijin wanting the game to not just be focused on aviation anymore. Open beta testing started November 1, for users from the Russian Federation ; the global beta launched January 28, for Windows PC with about aircraft and , players. On May 15, , at 6 million registered players, the first ground forces for Germany and the Soviet Union were introduced.

At release, War Thunder was well-received with generally positive reviews.

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It was praised for its variety of airplanes and high-quality visuals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vehicular combat multiplayer game. This article has multiple issues.

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