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How to design and print your own business card using Pages

To design a card, we will choose one of these templates, redesign one of the cards to our liking, and then copy and paste that new design across the entire page. One final note before we begin: The screenshots here show Pages on an iPad, but the process works exactly the same on the Mac. I picked the Classic Business Cards template because it is the simplest, and therefore easy to customize. Tap to open. These are lines which appear whenever you drag an object, in order to make it easier to line things up.

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Exit settings by tapping the … again. Now we start on the design. First, you should replace the sample text with your own contact details. Just tap or click into the existing text fields and change the information. Do this by double-tapping on the text to make it editable. Type in your own details for the name, job title, and contact information fields these fields may vary if you chose a different template.

To access these text tools, tap the little paintbrush icon in the toolbar, and then tap the Text label at the top of the sidebar. To change the fonts, font sizes, and other attributes, just tap on the text in the main window, and then make the changes in the sidebar. One thing to note here is that these business card templates are page layout documents. That is, the text is contained in boxes, instead of being allowed to roam free across the page. If you want to apply different styles to each of these fields, you can just double tap each one to select it individually.

Or you can sell all fields and apply the same typeface at once. To access the different styles contained in a typeface bold, italic, and so on , tap the little i next to the name of the typeface — Helvetica Neue in my case. Now is also the time to experiment with layout. Just drag the fields around until you like the look of the layout.

The next part is the most boring part, because it involves copying and pasting the card you created into all the other spots on the page. First, group all the text boxes in your card. This locks the layout and makes it easy to paste as a single object.

How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Word

To group the text fields, select them all. On the iPad, this is done by placing and keeping your finger on one box, while tapping the others. When they are all selected, tap Group in the black popover bubble.

Vertex42™ Business Card Template Collection

Select them all, in the same way you just selected the elements of you card, above. Then tap Delete in the black popover bubble. Next, tap your card and then tap Copy in the black popover bubble, then tap on a blank spot on the page and tap Paste in the black popover bubble. You can paste several copies, and then align them, or align them as you go. Either way, you can use the smart guides to make sure everything is aligned.

How to Make Free Business Cards in Microsoft Word With Templates

If your printer handles card, then you can print at home. To compose the high-quality business card design with business card templates for MS Word will not take long and the result will surprise you. The sizes of the Business Card templates are available in two standard sizes for United States and Europe standards.

You will be able to print "8-up" business cards on one US Letter or A4 sheet of paper. Stability improvements.

How to create an Unforgettable and unique Business Card on Mac

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